Extended Abstract Guidelines

We strongly encourage all authors to submit an extended abstract for the conference. This extended abstract will form part of the digital conference proceedings and will also be available from the interactive conference program.

Please submit your completed Extended Abstract before August 2nd, 2024.

Extended Abstract Templates

A template for the extended abstract has been provided and should be used for all submissions for the conference. Authors must use the provided abstract template without modification of the style.

Requirements for Extended Abstracts

The following requirements should be adhered to:

  • There is a 2-page limit for the extended abstract.
  • Do not change fonts, font sizes, margins, etc.
  • Manuscripts should not include any page numbers.
  • Headers or footers should not be modified.
  • All figures should be clearly legible and captioned, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for any images included.
  • References should be in the numbered format as shown in the template.

Any non-standard formatting will result in the abstract being returned to the author for re-formatting.

Please ensure that all extended abstracts are named using the following naming convention: “abs_###_author-surname”, where “###” is your abstract submission ID.

Submission of Extended Abstract

To submit an extended abstract, authors should return to the abstract submission portal.

At the bottom of the submission page, you should now see a new footer showing what page your are on - please click on page 2 or the NEXT button to access the extended abstract submission section, as shown in the figure below.

Abstract Submission - Page 1

Abstract Submission - Page 1

In this section you are allowed to upload your extended abstract in PDF format only. Please make sure that you have not altered the template formatting, especially font sizes and margins. Click the button to select your file and upload to the platform.

Extended Abstract Submission

Extended Abstract Submission

Once the file has uploaded successfully, you will now see a DOWNLOAD UPLOADED FILE option appear and the button will change to REPLACE FILE, both of which confirm that the file has uploaded. At this point please click on the SUBMIT button to save the submission.

Extended Abstract Uploaded - Don’t forget to Submit!!
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