Jin Ooi

University of Edinburgh

Conference Chair


Prof. Jin Ooi is Professor of Particulate Solid Mechanics in the school of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. He has previously served as the Head of the Institute for Infrastructure & Environment and as the Director of Civil & Environmental Engineering Discipline.
He was appointed adjunct Quishi Chair Professor at Zhejiang University (2016-2019) and Distinguished Guest Professor at Shandong University (2018-2021) in China.

His principal research interests lie in the mechanics of granular solids and powders, with a focus on material behaviour and particulate processes. His computational and experimental studies with his co-workers have produced many new insights into the behaviour of particulate systems, allowing advances to be made in addressing a variety of scientific and industrial problems. He has published extensively and has supervised over 30 PhD students to date. He co-founded DEM Solutions Ltd (EDEM software) and Particle Analytics Ltd, bringing impact of his research on many industrial and scientific problems.

He collaborates actively with academic and industrial partners, providing leadership as Coordinator for the TUSAIL ITN consortium and previously the T-MAPPP European ITN Consortium on multiscale analysis of particulate processes, and the PARDEM ITN Project on DEM calibration and validation.

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