TUSAIL Final Symposium

CHoPS, Edinburgh, September 2nd-4th, 2024

Announcing the final symposium of the TUSAIL ITN which will be held in conjunction with CHoPS 2024.

Jin Ooi

JP Morrissey


January 25, 2024

TUSAIL ITN Final Symposium

TUSAIL is an Innovative Training Network funded by the European Union’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Horizon 2020 funding programme. Led by the University of Edinburgh, the network comprises six universities and nine industrial partners. TUSAIL stands for Training in Upscaling particle Systems: Advancing Industry across Length-scales.

Since March 2021, TUSAIL has been training 15 early stage researchers (ESRs) through a combination of PhD research, scientific training and industrial secondments. The overarching goal is to meet international industry’s requirements for highly skilled staff in the multi-disciplinary field of upscaling industrial particle processes.


As part of the 10th edition of the CHoPS series in Salerno in 2022, TUSAIL hosted a workshop session to introduce the ESRs to the community and held a panel discussion on the current scientific challenges.

For dissemination of the TUSAIL project’s outcomes to the scientific community the final TUSAIL Symposium will be held in conjunction with CHoPS, this time in Edinburgh following the success of the TUSAIL workshop session held at the previous CHoPS conference. ESR talks will be included across the thematic areas of the conference with the findings of the project being disseminated to the relevant communities.

To find out more about TUSAIL and the ESRs please visit the TUSAIL website www.tusail.eu.

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