Announcement of Invited speakers

Confirmed Plenary and Keynote speakers for CHoPS 2024

Invited Speakers
Plenary Speakers
Keynote Speakers
We are delighted to be able to announce the following plenary and keynote speakers for CHoPS 2024.

JP Morrissey

Jin Ooi


February 6, 2024


March 19, 2024

Invited Speakers

We are delighted to be able to announce the names of the following plenary and keynote speakers that are confirmed for CHoPS 2024.

These speakers, spanning multiple continents and career stages, have been selected for their achievements and diversity of expertise within the broad field of particulate solids, ensuring a balanced representation of academic and industry backgrounds. We are certain that these speakers will enrich CHoPS through their engaging and thought-provoking talks.

Additional invited speakers will be announced shortly.

CHoPS 2024 Invited Speakers
Speaker Title of Talk
John W. Carson “The high cost of performance and structural failures of silos and their transfer systems”
Willie Hendrickson “Industrial Solids Processing from Discovery Through the Valley of Death to Consistent Production……Why is This so Hard?”
Arno Kwade “Particle technology as a key enabler for sustainable high performance batteries and their recycling”
Catherine O’Sullivan “Linking particle scale interactions to bulk behaviour: a geomechanics perspective”
Rachel Smith “Predicting the performance of particulate products: linking process and performance models”
Jia Wei Chew “Fluidized Bed Scale Up for Sustainability Challenges”
Harald Kruggel-Emden “Numerical investigation of multidimensional particle fractionation in microchannels”
Carlos Labra “Present and Future of Computer Modelling in Particle Technology: From Academia to Industry.”
Vanessa Magnanimo “Upscaling granular solids and flows”
Luis Martin de Juan “Strategies for particulate systems design in formulated products”
J.P. Morrissey “GrainDB: an Experimental Measurements Database for granular materials”
Hideya Nakamura “Temporal and spatial scaling of granular flow by NN-based DEM surrogate model and coarse-graining DEM model”
Massimo Poletto “Measurement of Flowability and Layer Spreadability of Polymeric Powders for Powder Bed Fusion Processes at Ambient and Process Conditions”
Nathalie Vriend “Imaging stress distributions in granular hopper flows and avalanches using photoelasticity.”
Kenneth Williams “Maritime bulk material safety in remote operations: Practicalities in delivering Science to Ship loading Operations”
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